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Sports T-Shirts Versus Fashion T-Shirts

Sports Versus Fashion

Whether band, event, sports, music, brand or plain, tshirts cram wardrobes everywear. The ultimate hard-working fashion staple, their flexibility offers something to suit every style, taste and occasion and the market has exploded in recent years as the trend shifted from sports staples to high-fashion items

Tshirts of course are traditionally sports related. Created from working men’s wear, their traditional loose cotton fit was ideal for all manner of sports and active pursuits. As sports brands diversified into fashion and urban tailoring, tshirts began to evolve too. Skinny fits, extra large, cropped, dip-dyed and embellished, there were ranges for every age group and interest. Hi-tech new materials began to come into play — cooling and wicking fabrics to keep runners comfortable, thicker heat-retaining fabric mixes to warm cold-water sports enthusiasts and provide fitted layers. Lycra created seamless fitted tshirts and vented fabrics created the looks synonymous with basketball vests.

Today’s trends however are very much focused on fashion tshirts. From high street H&M to Versace couture, designers have taken the humble basic cotton tee to new lengths. Embellishments, studs, frayed and twisted seams, cut-outs, daring crops and lengths, long, short and mid-sleeved, boat, round, crew and v-neck… tshirts made from cotton, lycra mixes, man-made materials, light natural wools and cashmeres. Band tshirts are worn everywhere, branded fashions change every year. Vintage tshirts have enjoyed a popular revival and graphical, comic or underground / urban lifestlye motifs and themes reign supreme.

For everyday fashion basics, the ultimate is the plain white tee. Great stores to find your perfect buy include Gap, Levis, The White Company and good old M&S. When you find your ultimate white tshirt, buy a couple — they’ll be useful for myriad occasions throughout the year. For creating a particular look, look for tshirts with slogans, messages, patterns and designs on. A faded band t-shirt (preferably the original one you bought at school) looks great with old Levi’s and a pair of Converse. A swanky designer brand looks fresh with dark pants or deep-dye indigo jeans and fierce heels.

If you’re looking to purchase new tshirts, consider how you’ll wear and use them. Most people find a range works well for everyday life and the great thing about a tshirt is that you can dress it up or down according to the situation. For sports, buy according to your interest. A couple of high-tech material vests are great for running. Opt for a tennis white sports-specific tshirt for tennis, in a fit loose enough to allow full range of movement. For aerobics or gym, lycra mix fitted versions may suit you well, to avoid getting in the way of machinery. If you’re looking for track-wear, try Adidas or Nike, or for skateboarder chic head to Volcom or Burton. Many modern sports tshirts double up as everyday wear anyway and will help pull together a casual everyday sports look — ideal for maximising t-shirt wear time!

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