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FarmTeam Apparel

FarmTeam Apparel - Kansas City Croutons Design
Buffalo, NY, USA — FarmTeam Apparel is a t-shirt company with a cause and an offbeat sense of humor. They take 25% of what they charge for a t-shirt and donate it to underfunded kids sports teams, as uniforms and equipment. What that means is if you buy a t-shirt, you’re buying a uniform for a little athlete in need. FarmTeam’s concept sprung from the minds of coaches as they saw the transformative effect uniforms had on disadvantaged kids’ pride and excitement to play team sports. By collaborating with graphic designers, FarmTeam figured out a winning formula for helping disadvantaged teams: support real kids’ teams by selling t-shirts featuring the mascots and logos of imaginary amateur sports teams.

Currently, there are 10 team designs offered on FarmTeam’s website, in 14 colors. The shirts are printed on a variety of American Apparel t-shirts– the triblend, the 50/50 blend and the all-cotton shirt. These make for some extremely comfortable shirts with some very entertaining designs on them.

FarmTeam invents logos, mascots, and teams and it can be as absurd or straightforward as an idea calls for. The designs enjoy a stylistic freedom that comes from adopting any genre, era, and sport to create something funny, intriguing and visually appealing. A team’s logo is as much shaped by its backstory (which FarmTeam’s website provides) as it is by the designer

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