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Molecular Illustration TShirt Giveaway on The Kerrminator’s Blog

Portland, Oregon — Artist, Designer, Illustrator and Nutrition student at Oregon State University, Sara “The Kerrminator” Kerr, is hosting a giveaway for a t-shirt printed with an illustration she drew of the molecular structure of vitamin B12, Cobalamin. Kerr has been a freelance artist for the past 8 years and just last year began to pursue a degree in Nutrition.

“While my main focus right now is doing well in school so I can get my degree and become a Registered Dietitian, I also want to make sure my artistic talents don’t fall by the wayside,” says Kerr. “So many people have a raw talent that they ignore for years while they immerse themselves in professional, corporate, or niche settings that seclude them from that talent and finally, maybe circle back to their art years later – I don’t want to circle back; I want to mold the two professions together or at least keep creating art in some capacity.”

The giveaway is being sponsored by NY Custom Utica and ends this Tuesday evening (9/22/15) at 11:59pm. For details on the giveaway and how to enter, please visit:

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