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Archive for February, 2008

Song Chart T-Shirt

These Power Point-type graph charts for songs, posted on, would make funny t-shirt graphics too, no? Go ahead and use ’em. I doubt they’re copyrighted.

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Joe Blow Tees

No crap. That is the name of this online t-shirt store:

They are one of the largest manufacture of licensed automotive tees in the country. Plus they have other fun shirts, like this one here, which has glowing ink and sea monsters!

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Poker T-Shirt

Any of you cats like to play poker? I do. That’s prolly why I thought this t-shirt was pretty darned funny.

$23.99 + S&H

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Academy Awards T-Shirt!

Unbelievable! “Grindhouse” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards!!

$17.00 + S&H

Incidentally, if you haven’t rented the two Grindhouse...

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T-Shirt Controversy!

*Breaking News!*

Looks like Hot Topic (whoever they are) has ripped off cartoonist Jess Fink’s t-shirt idea! Read all about it HERE:

Fink’s original t-shirt was sold on the Threadless site, and...

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Spam T-Shirt

This is a spam post.

$26.00 + S&H

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Diarrhea T-Shirt

My favorite t-shirt to wear in buffet lines.


[The Black Spy]

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President’s Day T-Shirt

President’s Day is my favorite holiday of all. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the regal nature of it all (and the fireworks and presents). Or the day off from work.

Happy President’s Day to you all. I hope you have a fine day!

(Does the mail come today?)

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New T-Shirt Site In Town! says:

Welcome to Tshirt Illustrator dot com. As of the registering of this domain we are the 76,800,001 site devoted to the beloved imprinted or decorated...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I simply LOOOOOVEEE Valentine’s Day!!! Each year I buy tons of Valentine’s Day cards and fill them out, sign them, address them, then mail them … to myself. (With one saved for my sweetheart chix0r, of course). Kisses, you-know-who!

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T-Shirts By “The Crew Designs”

John writes in to tell us about the cool and unusual t-shirts at The Crew Designs. Check ’em out.

This maternity t-shirt shows a baby in da belly looking through a port hole (hello there!):

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Daytona 500 50th AnniversaryT-Shirt!

Hey bros … check this shirt out … I drove my Plymouth Reliant K down to Daytona Beach last week to catch a winter break (and some rays), and lo and behold—I happened to be in town the same time as the NASCAR Bud Shootout race was a-happenin’.

Shore ’nuff, I bought myself a Daytona 500 t-shirt and a race ticket from a scalper—the...

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