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Recession T-Shirt

$15.00 + S&H

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Crackles = Sad Clown

*Pounding the proverbial pavement in search of work*

Crackles iz s4d 2-day. Crackles iz victim of c0rp0rate downsizing. H3 iz laid 0ff fr0m job az corporate k1n5 H0xor for big 3 auto corp.

 *Painting “Will Work For World Of Warcraft Gold” sign. Hanging around neck.*

S0, n0w I must sit in UR w3bsite and be k1n5 hax0r here.


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T-Shirt Joke #18

A young reporter goes to a retirement home to interview an aged but legendary explorer.

The reporter asks the old man to tell him the most frightening experience he had ever had.

The old explorer says, “Once I was hunting Bengal tigers in the jungles of India. I was wearing a t-shirt on a narrow path with my faithful native gunbearer behind...

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T-Shirts Have Many Uses

Should you ever need, you can use torn t-shirt strips to dress an open, sucking wound.

I just learned this fact on the web HERE.

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Rockabye Baby Ramones

While this post may not be about a t-shirt, it is about a pretty funny CD I just saw for sale on the inter-web. This site sells several CDs of rock music re-recorded as lullabys for babies, including Ramones tunes.

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Nevermore Raven T-Shirt

Heh. This bird looks like it’s throwing up.

$19.00 + S&H

[The Black Spy]

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Ladies’ Night Shirts

In various colors. At wholesale prices. Check out:

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Weird T-Shirt

Here’s one of the most unusual shirts we’ve seen. It’s simple. It’s weird. It’s simply weird. We wonder who in their right mind would even wear this?

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Today’s Free T-Shirt Idea – Cloverfield

I saw the movie Cloverfield last Friday evening and, although it wasn’t a life-changing event or anything, I did enjoy the flick. But it got me thinking about a funny t-shirt idea that I would create if I wasn’t so busy all the darned time (video games don’t play themselves, ya know).


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T-Shirt Site Of The Day

Today’s t-shirt site of the day, for January 18, 2008, is

This website sells all kindsa fun and funny t-shirts including a line of “Animal House” movie t-shirts like this one:

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Tea Shirt

These two are drinking tea while wearing t-shirts, so I guess they’re actually wearing tea-shirts. But I dunno, I could be wrong.

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Chuck Norris T-Shirt

Chuck Norris doesn’t shake hands. Chuck Norris greets you with a roundhouse kick to the face.

$18.00 + S&H

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