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Archive for December, 2007

Kitten T-Shirt


$19.90 + S&H

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Dreidel T-Shirt

No limit Texas dreidel t-shirt:

$22.99 + S&H

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Tipping T-Shirt

This cow tipping t-shirt gives a new meaning to the term “Getting Tipsy”, eh?

$12.95 + S&H

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Customize Your Own Spice Girls T-Shirt

C’mon, you know you want to.

$22.90 + S&H

Who is your favorite Spice Girl? Our favorite is Old Spice:

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WWE T-Shirts

Anyone wanna wrestle?

$16.99 + S&H

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Weird T-Shirts

A whole buncha oddball t-shirts here. Enjoy!

$14.99 + S&H

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State T-Shirt – Hawaii

“Hey Joe, where you goin’ on vacation?”


“I’m doin’ fine, but where you goin’ on vacation?”


That was a dumb joke. But here’s a cool Hawaii t-shirt:

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More Cowbell T-Shirt

I’ve got a fever …

$17.99 + S&H

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Evel Knievel T-Shirt

One of the greats has passed …

On December 1st, dare devil Evel Knievel passed away; not from a failed motorcycle jump, but from old age.

What a sad way for a dare devil to go; this old age. Might it have been better if he’d eaten his steering wheel while jumping the Statue of Liberty or somethong? At the very least, they should have...

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