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Archive for August, 2007

Red Star T-Shirt

’nuff said.

$18.95 + mailing

Muff said.


Hmmm … a Star-Bellied Sneech shirt would be cooler.

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T-Shirt Joke #14

(Highlight between quote marks to reveal answer)

Q: “What do you call a slogan on a politician’s t-shirt?”

A: “A crock of shirt.“

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T-Shirt Competition Websites

The following is an excerpt from

T-Shirt design contests are all the craze. It was that really got t-shirt contests going on the internet starting...

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State T-Shirt – Connecticut

$19.99 + S&H

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Gimme More T-Shirt

I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOO ExCITED! has clips of Britney Speares’ new single. I love her! Here she is wearing a torn t-shirt. She is so gross. I love it!

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Sausage Fest

Here’s a man dressed and ready to go to the summer sausage fest. He looks fairly hip, but I have questions!

Why is he wearing two t-shirts? Does his shirt refer to marriage or his decision to wear that shirt? How come he’s...

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New Official Police Uniform

Apparently, the police are now wearing t-shirts to stay cool on the beat. A hair helmet is also part of the outfit.

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Warrior Wear T-Shirts

Interesting Warrior Wear brand t-shirts.

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Wacky Packages T-Shirts


$18.00 + S&H

[The Black Spy]

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Before There Were T-Shirts

Before there were t-shirts …

People used to get dressed up all fancy-like every single day. Women wore dresses around the house, to the store, and while bathing. Drab colors were considered exciting. Bright colors were for kids or crazy people. And family portraits were to include everyone, including the dead butler.

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Celebrity T-Shirt – Sienna Miller

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Tide T-Shirt

I don’t use Tide. I’m allergic to it. It gives me a rash. Plus, I rarely wash my clothes. But these vintage Tide t-shirts are kinda cool. Cheap too. And the procedes benefit poor families in New Orleans.


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