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Archive for June, 2007

Car Crash T-Shirt

Groan … just got a call from the repair shop. They want $1,100 to replace the broken air conditioning condenser on my K-Car (by K-Tel). Sucks. I could do without the cool, refreshing air, but this is a lease, so I have to have it fixed.

Thing is, it’s broke from a accident I had back December 20th. I drove up a curb and blew out my tire,...

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Fat T-Shirts

Muffin was just talkin’ to me about her younger brother Grimace, who’s a bit overweight. And while I don’t wanna seem like I’m picking on the lard-ass, I found a site he might be interested in. It’s called

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Two Shirts?

Puh-leese help me convince my brother that he doesn’t need to wear two darned shirts all the time. One tee would suffice. Especially now in the summer. First of all, it must be hot for him! Second, wearing two shirts at once just makes him look stupid.

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Tetris T-Shirt

Think she likes Gummy Bears?

This chick’s got the lockjaw.


If she bites ya, you’ll need...

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IM In UR T-Shirt Site!

*Twirlin’ a hoola-hoop, wearin’ my new hacker shirt*

I own all!

Me w/out my makeup and clown costume …

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Anti-Bush T-Shirt

Panic! Schools are trying to outlaw t-shirts and the government stands behind them! Write your congressman today! T-shirts must NOT be outlawed in the U. S. of F-n’ A! I will have no clothes to wear!


WASHINGTON (AP) – Putting its recent ruling...

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Chris Benoit T-Shirt

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T-Shirt Joke #10

(Highlight between quote marks to reveal answer)

Q: “When is a t-shirt loose twice?”

A: “When it is too (two) loose.“

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State T-Shirts – California

I like California. It brings to mind: the TV program Three’s Company, surfing, Hollywood, The Viper Room, palm trees, my pal Don, and warm weather.

Here’s a link to a t-shirt company called: The California T-Shirt Company.


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T-Shirt Website Design

At the risk of coming across as an artsy-fartsy website design critic … the design on this linked t-shirt site sucks.

The t-shirts they produce are probably really nice though.

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Fly T-Shirt

I heard a riddle yesterday, here it goes …

Q: Why did the fly fly?

A: Because the spider spied her.

Heh. Yeah … Ummm … *cough* … Anyway …

Here’s a couple of fly related t-shirts.

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Crazy Frog T-Shirt

Do you guys like the Crazy Frog? I know he’s old internet news by now, but I think he’s a riot. Here’s the Crazy Frog video and a t-shirt you can buy.

$17.95 + S&H

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