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Archive for May, 2007

Keep On Truckin’ T-Shirt

Temporarily sold out – Darn! I see that my fave shirt is also very popular.

More excellent dirty hippie t-shirts at...

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Me Dear Ol Mammy


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70’s Disco

I’d put on my favorite “Keep On Truckin'” silk t-shirt and hop on in to this dance party:

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The 3.14159265 Hack

*Strolling into ur website with cream pie behind back*

“Hey Crackles, what’s with the pie?”

“What pie?” says Crackles

“That pie behind your back.”

“This pie?”

*Holds cream pie before himself and spins pie on finger tip*

“Yeah! THAT pie!”


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Get A Piece Of Cake

2-day, in our home office, we’re listening the the musical group Cake. Because we like their tunes. They are excellent.

The band has t-shirts for sale. Another reason we like them.


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Win A Free Pet T-Shirt

If U = a pet lover. Then submit your pet for the pet of the day contest for a chance to win a free t-shirt from

Wrap your pet in a box and mail it in. You could win:

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Fake Ad. Real T-Shirt.

This is not a t-shirt, but this fake ad would make a pretty funny real t-shirt, doncha think? No? Well, who asked you? Oh. I did. Nevermind then. But maybe you’re right … how would you get the t-shirt animated anyway?

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Here’s A Real Rib Tickler Tee

This post swiped from

Medical illustrator Leslie Arwin’s Skeletees feature highly detailed, stark anatomical drawings of the bones, muscles, nerves, and digestive tract, printed on the front and back. “I picked up a skeleton shirt today and...

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Funny Emo T-Shirt

My ‘tarded cousin Elmo displays his favorite Emo t-shirt:

$9.99 + S&H

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We Endorse Google

*An Official Statement From The T-Shirt Site*

We now fully endorse Google as our favorite search engine. Google is the best search engine on the interweb, and the only search engine to earn an A+, Numero Uno, Solid Gold full endorsement from

Please always use Google for your internet searching inquiries...

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Nuts For Jericho!

Wednesday nights. 8:00. That was Jericho time around here. And yes, we were mighty bummed to find CBS cancelled the series, especially with all the stryline’s mysteries unanswered, like who nuked the US? And what will happen now that Skeet said “Nuts” to the neighboring townsfolk?

Well, if you too liked the TV show Jericho,...

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Indy 500 T-Shirt

Dario Franchitti won the Indy 500 last Sunday. His wife is actress Ashley Judd. Here is a photo of Ashley in a black t-shirt kissing her husband after the race:

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