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Need computer repair or web design services? Then you need

The T-Shirt Site Invites you to Invitation-Only Shopping at Rue La la.

Hilarious New Tees Every Week at

Thank US Later

For some reason, we receive a free copy of US Magazine at the home office here every week. We don’t know why. Maybe a friend or family member put us on a list. ?? If so, Thank You! We appreciate any bathroom reading material we can get our hands on.

Anyhoo … here are a few links to t-shirt sites that are advertised in the back of this week’s US Magazine’s “Shop A Thon” section. It’s the issue with Janet Jackson on the cover. If I’m not mistaken, I was watching a football game once and caught a glimps of her right nipple breast. But I’m not sure. Maybe I was hallucinating.

Custom T-Shirts:

Breast Cancer Awareness Site:

Funny Boxer Shorts and T-Shirts:

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