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lesbian t-shirt

Virginia High School Student Punished for Wearing Lesbian T-Shirt
The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding an apology from a Virginia high school for punishing a student who wore a lesbian t-shirt to class. I.C. Norcom High School officials threatened the 17-year-old senior with suspension for wearing a shirt featuring an image of two overlapping female gender symbols.
Bethany Laccone says that on December 10 she was pulled out of class by a teacher who said she shouldn’t be wearing the shirt at school and then sent her to the assistant principal’s office. The assistant principal and the teacher then told Laccone that the shirt violated a section of the school dress code that bans “bawdy, salacious or sexually suggestive messages.” Laccone attends a different school full-time but goes to Norcom High every morning for a hotel management class. —MORE

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