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Academy Awards T-Shirt!

Unbelievable! “Grindhouse” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards!!

Grindhouse t-shirt

$17.00 + S&H

Incidentally, if you haven’t rented the two Grindhouse movies yet, only bother seeing “Planet Terror”. “Planet Terror” was awesome good fun while “Deathproof” was tedious and a waste of time. No fun at all. Just a bunch of talking.

Oh wait. I just read on that “No Country For Old Men” won for Best Picture. My mistake. Well, that cool. “No Country For Old Men” was an excellent picture too. Not as good as the book, written by one of my top-five favorite authors of all times: Cormac McCarthy, but the flick adaptations never are, are they. I could only find this “No Country For Old Men” t-shirt for sale. It’s on eBay at some ebay store.

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